What's all this then... Mice in a Matchbox?, - thats a funny name, where did it come from? what's the music like?
Well, the name stems from what we felt we were like when we sailed a small (32ft) Sailing boat across the Atlantic! Both being, er, less than tall and cooped up in a tiny space for weeks, it seems like the right name!
The music, OK that's harder to pin down.. definitely different! Perhaps best described as Progressive folk with attitude? Punk folk? What do you think? Check out our Albums page to find out!
If you can think of a printable description let us know on the contact page!
You can find us on YouTube as well, once you've checked out tthe lockdown bedroom video here,there's plenty more to explore,including footage of our ocean sailing and adventures in the West Indies
Oh, and check out our latest news and upcoming gigs on our Facebook page
We hope to see you soon, maybe at one of the festivals we've played, like Nozstock, The Green Gathering, The Guadiana International Music Festival, Hay on Wye's How The Light Gets in, or Glastonbury.

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