Mice in a Matchbox

Mice in a Matchbox are something a little different.. They take songs, some familiar, some original, some old and some new, and apply their own lively arrangements. They are equally at home in a pub or bar, or on the main stage at a festival. They've been playing together for ten years and have two albums with a third in preparation. Often heard on local BBC and independent radio; stand by for a dynamic and exciting performance!

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We hope to see you soon, maybe at one of the festivals we've played, like the Moira Furnace Folk Festival, Nozstock, The Green Gathering, The Guadiana International Music Festival, Hay on Wye's How The Light Gets in, or Glastonbury.

"They are a very original duo, traditional sentiments but often with clever use of technology to expand their sound and arrangements. Quite brilliant in fact!"
Peter Jezukiewicz
"The guitar of Pink Floyd, The vocals of Fleetwood Mac, and the look and feel of Jethro Tull"
Steve Williams

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